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ClayCatShop is Adriana Ayala’s Clay Art studio. Her love for clay started in Margarita Island (Venezuela), a little over 18 years ago. She had been working as a graphic designer for 4 years when she came across a box of plasticine and decided to play with it. Little did she know, that what started as a game was to become her life’s passion and favorite art medium.

To make a long story short she decided to take a sabbatical year to work on her new found art and had a wonderful time. Her earlier work was very “island life” oriented,  she went to sell her art in many beach shops around the island. When her sabbatical was up, she returned to professional graphic design, and that’s what she did up until July 2009, when she decided to formalize “ClayCatShop” and make it her full time job & business.

ClayCatShop’s name is in honor of a big and wonderful cat named Merlin. A shy rescued kitty at first, Merlin grew and became a fat gorgeous cat who behaved like a dog, fetching balls and sitting on command… he loved to “talk” with Adriana for hours. To this day we wonder what was said in those endless “conversations”… ♥


Adriana’s Art is influenced by her Venezuelan & Caribbean roots, her life, her travels and many skills developed through 20 years of working as a professional graphic designer.  She works out of her home based studio in the beautiful city of Pleasanton, in Northern California. She is happily married and has 2 daughters, who are her sources of endless joy & inspiration, and a wonderful miniature Schnauzer who loves to keep her company while she clays.

ClayCatShop’s Clay Paintings and sculptures are held in private collections around the world.

Clay Illustration is my passion, outstanding design my life.
―Adriana Ayala

We love what we do!

This is how we do it



Paper and Pencil first!

Well, sometimes we use Paper 53 too! (iPad sketch program) However we do it, sketching out ideas, is our first step. An “old school” habit, that marks the start of our process.



100% Handmade

With love, through each stroke, our pieces are brought to life. No molds, no shortcuts, each piece is unique, made with love and attention to every detail.



The little details

Acrylics are our choice when it comes to painting our clay! Some of our pieces, require extra tiny details that are added in acrylics, we also use them in our mixed media pieces and love the results!



A beautiful package!

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, rest assured that our pieces will come wrapped and packed with the same love they were conceived with.

Our Team

ClayCatShop Team

Adriana Ayala

Adriana Ayala

Artist / Owner

Owner &  Artist behind ClayCatShop. Adriana’s strong background in Graphic Design and her love for Polymer Clay are the forces behind this endeavor.

Adriana attended the University of Art College in San Francisco (1990-1991) for Professional enrichment classes focusing on Multimedia. She is a graduate of the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas in Venezuela (Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, 1994).  She has been illustrating with Polymer Clay & Plasticine since 1997.  Proud and current  IPCA member (International Polymer Clay Association).

J. Manuel A. Landa

J. Manuel A. Landa

Structural Engineer

Providing Structural & Engineering support, to those challenging sculptures that require professional guidance in their structure, guaranteeing strength and endurance. Manuel is a retired civil engineer with over 40 years of experience.

Carolina Ferrero

Carolina Ferrero

VFX Partner

Carolina specializes in video production & Motion Graphics. As an interactive creative director, Carolina provides the support and expertise needed for all our claymations and micro films. Carolina’s expertise allows her to use visuals to bring to life emotional stories in an appealing and provocative manner.


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